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PCA - Summer Succession
Saturday. Sunny, warm and just right for a day at the beach. More than likely, just about everyone who loved the outdoors was there or at a park, enjoying perfect weather with friends, family and loved ones.
Of course, not everyone had the day off, a fact that bugged one Edwin "Sparky" Sparks to no end. He'd been called to handle a few things (a spill in Chem Lab 4, some kid stuffing a toilet near the pokeball field, and some invasive species of berry plant in need of uprooting) and wasn't at all happy about it. Still, it was work, and he was good at it. Perhaps too simple for a sizzling-fast Electabuzz mind such as his, but he had time to tune up and play with the Arena... after one last task.
Screwing the brand new plaque into the door leading to the Principal's Office just right, he calmly slid the brand new nameplate into its handy-dandy holder, then peeled the protective plastic off... before rubbing his chin.
"... Emma Kindle. Not a name I really recognize, but... eh, that's the
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PCA DevID by PokeCombatAcademy PCA DevID :iconpokecombatacademy:PokeCombatAcademy 10 3
PCA Faculty
PCA Faculty as of 1/15/09
compiled by danirupuru
Directors and Important faces
Principle Darius Aubtraum
Peter Perjan (Persian) Vice - Principle (Boys)
Nikkal Delalune (Cressalia) Vice -Principal (girls)
Evalan Evos (Eevee) Secretary
Kraemir Georgi Barayev (Honchkrow) - Treasurer
Mrs. Mary-Beth Miltons (Miltank) Food Services
Felix Felinduce (Mewtwo) former principal
Catherine Meow (Mew) Former Vice Principal (girls)
Counselors, Mental and physical health
Dr. Rocco Gordon,(Geodude)- head nurse
Kat Pristine (Delcatty) Assist
:iconpokecombatacademy:PokeCombatAcademy 9 5
PCA School Board
PCA School Board as of 1/15/09
compiled by danirupuru
Dr. Iris St. Shaymin: Chairmon of the Board (kaemantis)
Aethelthrith "Aethe" Arnaaluk(Articuno) - High-rank School Board representative in charge of overall well-being of students. Mother to Albrecht "Al" Arnaaluk, student body president(Kaemantis+CeeGee)
Nikkal Delalune(Cresselia) - Former School Board representative, Vice Principal(CeeGee)
Gene Dasn(Deoxys) - School Board's law consultant/lawyer(CeeGee)
Phoebe And Phoebus Altomare(Latias and Latios, respectively) - School Board financial consultants/accountants(CeeGee)
Raymond Atmos(Rayquaza) - School Board Buttmonkey. Actually I just don't know what his job is yet, probably data entry a
:iconpokecombatacademy:PokeCombatAcademy 3 0
PCA Team Names
PCA Team Names as of 1/15/09
compiled by danirupuru
Team @ (pronounced Team "At")(retired) -CeeGee
Team 4 Elements -seanblackthorne
Team: 16 -asuraludu
Team Absinthe -Phantomblade1
Team AeonStar -SabreW
Team AfterShock -SabreW
Team Animus -Annie-the-hedgetigress
Team Anomaly -dh01
Team Aquatix -AngelicImpurity
Team Argama -Zelinko
Team Ariel Aces -DaisBlade
Team Artis -cobo4231
Team A-S -theaubri
Team Awesome - kasedilla
Team Azure Storm -carlito
Team Backlash -DaisBlade
Team Balancing Act -Shining_Lettuce
Team:The Band -BonesBoy
Team Bastion -Vixen_ruby
Team Bistro -CeeGee
Team Black-Feather -RSLaehnart
Team Blackheart -Queen_Asheer5600
Team Blackjack -da-end
Team Blackthrash -blackthrash22
Team Blackstar -Mad_furret
Team Black Sun -Raphoenix
Team Blazemasters-Blaziken86580
Team Blue -ebonyleopard
Team Bluebomb -Bethy_Chan
Team Blue Hawaii -darkdragoon
Team Blue Rose -Isil
Team Boost -Pyke
Team Boom - garciaparty+wiite
:iconpokecombatacademy:PokeCombatAcademy 6 6
PCA: Independent Students List
PCA Independent Students as of 1/15/09
compiled by danirupuru
This journal is to be used to post student characters currently without teams, as well as alternates that are available to fight for other teams. Include whether or not they are looking for teams to match up in. Note that a character being unavailable to join a team doesn't necessarily mean they're unavailable to fight, period. Contact the character's owner if you're interested in using the character for whatever reason.
Abagail Desmond (Nidorina)(Junior, Available) - theaubri
Ayumi HonorBound (Hariyama)(Junior) - LordJaguar
Barry Báez (Hitmonchan)(Freshman,Unavailable) - ceegee
Crystal Glinteyes(Drapion)(Junior) - LordJaguar
Irin Kinson (Rattata)(Junior, Available) - theaubri
Kyle Garnet (Poochyena)(Freshman, Available) - theaubri
Leon "Razor" Olsen (Seviper)(Freshman) -
:iconpokecombatacademy:PokeCombatAcademy 2 0
Moonstone Killers Discography
Moonstone Killers
Band Members
-Bass Mustaine (Wigglytuff): Vocals
-D' Major (Zigzagoon): Lead Guitar
-Bramble Fortissimo (Bunneary): Guitar
-Sammy Alto (Lucario): Bass Guitar
-Sharp Karlov (Snorlax): Drums
-Notes from Bass are in parenthesis next to the song title.
*Stunted Evolution (Debut album)
-Title Track ("Stuck between evolutionary forms, unable to go either way")
-Veridian Evicerator
-Stuck on a Ledge
-Galactic Metal (Instrumental)
-Painting a Black Hole Red
-Simple Kicks
-World Wide Hatred
*Give Pennies for the Dead
-Title Track ("The dead need money to pay the f'ng ferryman, and the living are greedy bastards!")
-Briefcase Bitchslap
-Her Dad's Got a Gun
-Meteor Metal (Instrumental)
-Giant Robot Nutshot
-Final Two
-Hate Filled Hoedown
-Viking Burnout
*Missed Exit (Horror movie)
-Entire movie score
-Surviving the Night (Only lyrical song on
:iconpokecombatacademy:PokeCombatAcademy 2 1
Warrior's Heart 3
Warrior's Heart #3
Sacrifice in Shadows
By Colley
Lynn Soo stopped outside the door to the classroom.  He made a quick adjustment to the beret on his head. The Lopunny, took a deep breath, and then opened the door stepping inside.
Prof. Magnum looked toward the entering student, a somewhat puzzled look on his face. "Ah, Lynn, I didn't know to expect you or not. You know you had my permission to miss today's class, didn't you?"
"I know, Professor," Lynn replied. "But I think it'd be better if I was here for it."
Magnum nodded, "Well, take your seat then. I was just about to begin."
From the back upper row, Cinnamon, a female Flareon shouted, "Hey, hurry up! I wanna hear the story already!"
Lynn narrowed his eyes at the younger Eeveelution as he walked up the steps, and crossed over to sit by fellow Moe'ahune teammate, Lucky Raitails the Pikachu.
"Some of you might be old enough to remember this one," Magnum began. "Thirteen years ago, there w
:iconpokecombatacademy:PokeCombatAcademy 2 1
Warrior's Heart 2
Warrior’s Heart: Another Story
If he was capable of doing so, Magnum would have been smiling. This
year's class had proven itself to be one of the most attentive ones
he'd had in years. Today's class had been no exception thus far. He
poured himself a cup of hot tea; it was time for THE story.
"There is a legend that has always been very dear to my heart growing
up," the professor started. "Out of all the tales I have told you, or
will tell after today, this one has always struck a chord with me."
He took a sip from his glass, closing his eye as he remembered to his
younger days. "Long before the world was as we know it today, before
technology, back in a simpler time; the world was a vast expanse for
exploration and discovery. Nature's beauty and mystery lay around
every corner, just waiting for someone to come along and find it. So,
four brothers did just that. They set out into the world, to discover
all that they could. It was their hearts' desire to see all that the
world had
:iconpokecombatacademy:PokeCombatAcademy 4 2
Warrior's Heart 1
Magnum surveyed the classroom silently. The seats ascended upward, so that the last row was actually looking down upon the rest of the classroom. There were hardly any empty seats, the room filled with a range of Freshmen all the way up to Seniors. Some he recognized, others were new to him, but he'd learn their faces soon enough. He checked his internal clock. Time to begin.
The Magnemite stepped out in front of the class, and began. "As you are all probably aware, this class is mandatory for your graduation from the Academy. You can relax a bit though, it will be the easiest A you'll get this semester. The only test you will get from me in here is the required final. Other than that, all of your grades will be based on how often you attend the class, and how much you participate."
The class seemed rather glad to hear that part. They usually were. Magnum continued, "You're probably asking yourself, 'Just what IS the Warrior's Heart th
:iconpokecombatacademy:PokeCombatAcademy 4 2
Spring Break: Past and Present
Past and Present
By Colley (With assistance from Rik)
Magnum checked his internal clock: 4:48 am and 32 seconds. He rapped
on the hotel bedroom door and stepped inside the room, flipping on
the light switch on the wall. "Rise and shine, Eke! Early bird gets
the wurmple!" The Professor paused - there was no one else in the room.
He felt a tap on his shoulder and turned.
"I already am... an early bird," Ekewaka replied matter-of-factly.
The Xatu-morph took a sip of his coffee. "What are you doing here at
this time?  The last time you woke me up this early... was for drills
when I was new to the team." He looked at the Professor curiously.
"Ah, yes, you do usually get up earlier than this, don't you? Good,
less time needed for you to get ready!" Magnum replied rather
"For?" Ekwaka prompted.
"We've got a bit of a journey to undertake today. Something I'd like
to show you," Magnum replied. "S
:iconpokecombatacademy:PokeCombatAcademy 6 2
PCA Meme by Chibi-tom-boy by PokeCombatAcademy PCA Meme by Chibi-tom-boy :iconpokecombatacademy:PokeCombatAcademy 2 13

Random Favourites

Arceus Is My DJ by kompy Arceus Is My DJ :iconkompy:kompy 196 55 Every Time I See You by kompy Every Time I See You :iconkompy:kompy 82 33 The Garkirl Twins by kompy The Garkirl Twins :iconkompy:kompy 50 14 Updated Anji- sketch by kompy Updated Anji- sketch :iconkompy:kompy 6 0 Charla used REST - Original by kompy Charla used REST - Original :iconkompy:kompy 35 10 Fighting Spirits by kompy Fighting Spirits :iconkompy:kompy 31 5 Young Panthercap by kompy Young Panthercap :iconkompy:kompy 27 2 PCA Spring Break - Nigel by kompy PCA Spring Break - Nigel :iconkompy:kompy 19 1 PCA Spring Break - Myra by kompy PCA Spring Break - Myra :iconkompy:kompy 25 0 PCA Spring Break - Charla by kompy PCA Spring Break - Charla :iconkompy:kompy 80 11 Brotherly Exchange by kompy Brotherly Exchange :iconkompy:kompy 72 32 Japanese Print Rayquaza by kompy Japanese Print Rayquaza :iconkompy:kompy 47 5 Pokemorphs - Gallade by kompy Pokemorphs - Gallade :iconkompy:kompy 59 15 PCA Bubble Dance 13 - Last by kompy PCA Bubble Dance 13 - Last :iconkompy:kompy 47 10 PCA Bubble Dance 12 by kompy PCA Bubble Dance 12 :iconkompy:kompy 25 3 PCA Bubble Dance 11 by kompy PCA Bubble Dance 11 :iconkompy:kompy 22 4



It is, as The :icondarkheartone: of Ineffable Wisdom once said, fucking ON.

We have five, and it is VOTING TIME.

Check…;<---HERE to see the candidates.

The method of voting will be simple enough.

1) Every person voting will choose three people, in order of who they like the most. 1, 2, and 3. Simple enough. This will weight the votes accordingly.

2) If you have a FA account, please shoot a note to the pcaheart account stating your choices. If you have a DA account, send a private message in like manner to :iconpokecombatacademy:. For the sake of fairness and to avoid stuffing, I'm primarily accepting votes from the above -- those who don't have either need to approach me directly, via email (, IM (AIM, DarkheartO1) or in the PCA chat to discuss exceptions.

3) All voting will end on Saturday, May 30, roughly before midnight EST/Sunday Morning. Votes will be tabbed, and the outcome will be posted before month's end.

Actual final numbers may or may not be released, depending on the outcome. I'm still debating this with myself.

Regardless, spread the freakin' word. This is important, and I'm looking for a big turnout! This is your choice, your PCA! Time to flex that muscle!


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